full Code Of Ethics are available here


a) Dogs which are clinically affected or genetically affected for PLL,PRA or NCL should not be bred from.

b) All breeding stock should be tested in accordance with the KC Health Schemes for the breed.

c) When carriers of inherited diseases are identified from DNA testing they should only be mated with a genetically clear dog. All the resulting progeny should be tested prior to sale or sold as potential carriers.

d) All information on hereditary defects should be made available for open publication in the T.T.A Registers, T.T.Talk, and should then become the property of the Association’s B.R.H.S.C.

e) Breeding stock should be wormed, and possess a current clear eye certificate and should be X-rayed for HD in accordance with KC/BVA schemes.

f) Ideally, bitches should be 18 months or older, when bred from, and not have reached 8 years at the time of whelping.

g) Ideally bitches should not be bred from more than once in a 12-month period.

h) Stud dog owners should satisfy themselves as to compatibility and soundness of any bitch together with discussion about hips, eye and NCL status (with documentation available) before agreeing to a mating.

i) The Association does not support to any degree, the breeding of T.T.’s on a commercial scale.

j) Members will, when breeding dogs, adopt as a minimum standard the principles, requirements and recommendations as embodied in the Kennel Club’s Assured Breeder Scheme. It is also recommended that members who breed should apply to join the Scheme.



Pituitary Dwarfism (May 2021)

It is with regret that we have to inform you that an inherited condition called Pituitary Dwarfism has been diagnosed in Tibetan Terriers. It is a very debilitating condition which affects very young pups causing them to fail to thrive shortly after birth or where they do survive, they fail to grow to normal size along with the possibility of major organ failure and premature death.

This condition has been identified in German Shepherd dogs with a simple recessive mode of inheritance which means that it is caused by a single mutation of a gene.  It is the same mode of inheritance as that of PLL, NCL, and PRA all of which we as a breed have dealt with in a very positive manner in order to produce healthier dogs and to reduce any suffering. It is hoped that we can embrace this new finding in the same manner for the benefit of the breed.

At present the test available for GSD’S is indicating the mutation is the same for TT’s. Of the TT’s tested so far affected dogs are showing two copies of the mutant gene and carriers are showing one.

We are strongly advising in these early days, whilst we become aware of the frequency and prevalence of the mutation that testing for Pituitary Dwarfism is done prior to any mating.

Tests can be ordered from animaldnadiagnostics.co.uk  .  We have negotiated a price reduction its original price of £48 to £36 for a period of 3 months to support the breed at this stage.

To monitor the prevalence of Pituitary Dwarfism the TTA and TTBOC would like to centrally collate any test results. When testing your dogs please consider completing this consent form and submitting the test results to one of the clubs. Your help will allow the clubs to better understand this condition.

Yet again this is a difficult time for breeders but we know that by supporting each other with care and compassion we will work to making our beloved breed a better and healthier one.


Pat Tempest TTA Chairman, Breed Health Coordinator

Philippa Gilbert TTBOC Chairman