Advice on looking for a puppy

Learn before you look

There are four DNA tests which reputable breeders carry out to ensure that they will not produce pups that will suffer from 3 eye conditions and a neurological disorder. The results of these will be clear, carrier or affected. It is essential that if carriers are bred they must only be mated to clears.


We have had DNA tests for up to five years now so there is no reason for any breeding dog not to have a known DNA status for each of these four conditions. Breeders have been hip scoring for many decades the average score at present is around 11-12. The lower the score the better the hips. The higher the score the worse the hip. We also have an EBV for each dog which gives an indication of the genetic component of the dogs; hip structure. An EBV of 0 is average - minus values are better than average and plus values are worse than average.


It is also important to look at the puppy's coefficient of inbreeding. This tells you what the risk is of the puppy inheriting two copies of a gene which may give rise to an inherited condition in the future. The average COI is 7.6%. Higher than this is a greater risk, lower than this reduces the risk. Each parent should have an annual eye certificate which as its name suggests has to be renewed annually.


Prospective puppy purchasers should discuss these tests with the breeder and ask to see the certificates.


All these results are published by the Kennel and the prospective owner can find them on the KC web site under Health Test Results. They will need the KC registered names of both parents to access these results.



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