Tibetan Terriers do not shed their coat, but they do require regular grooming, whether their coat is kept long or is clipped short.

You can slide the picture to see a TT in full coat or clipped.




You will require a pin brush and a metal comb with narrow spaced teeth at one end and wide spaced teeth at the other.





Even if your dog is clipped, he will still require a good grooming once a week to prevent him becoming matted and may require grooming more than that initially.

A matted dog is an uncomfortable dog and will smell.

Grooming shoudl be a pleasurable experience for you and your dog. Try to get into a grooming routine early in your dogs life. A good routine will make your life easier and your dog's life more pleasant!

A comprehensive guide to grooming is in the Tibetan Terrier Handbook, which is available through the TTA Shop